About Us

The HOME Rehab Trial involves researchers from a number of healthcare organisations and universities across Australia and overseas.

Professor Natasha Lannin, Alfred Health and Monash University, Melbourne

(Head of the Brain Recovery and Rehabilitation Group, Department of Neurosciences, Central Clinical School, Monash University; Professor of Allied Health – Occupational Therapy at Alfred Health)

Natasha is an occupational therapist specialising in rehabilitation therapy for adults and children. Her research work tests occupational therapy practices to find the best ways to improve quality of life for patients. Natasha is the coordinating investigator for this trial.

Professor Dominique Cadilhac, Monash University, Melbourne

(Head of the Translational Public Health and Evaluation Division at the Stroke and Ageing Research (STAR), School of Clinical Sciences at Monash Health, Monash University)

Dominique is a researcher in public health with a background in nursing, who specialises in improving the care of patients with stroke and cardiovascular disease. Her research work includes the evaluation of different models of care, understanding the relationship between quality of care and patient outcomes, and undertaking economic evaluations. She is also the Head of Public Health: Stroke Division, Florey Institute of Neuroscience and Mental Health and the Data Custodian for the Australian Stroke Clinical Registry. Dominique is the Chair of the Management Committee for the HOME Rehab trial and will oversee the economic evaluation.

Professor Lindy Clemson, The University of Sydney

(Professor in Ageing & Occupational Therapy, Charles Perkins Centre Active Ageing Research Node Leader and Investigator on the Centre for Excellence in Population Ageing Research, The University of Sydney)

Lindy is an occupational therapist specialising in public health research on ageing. Her research work looks at how to improve independence and quality of life, and reduce falls, in older people through environmental and behavioural adaptations. Lindy led the largest occupational therapy home-visit trial in acute care in the world in 2015.

Professor Ian Cameron, The University of Sydney

(Head, John Walsh Centre for Rehabilitation Research and Chair in Rehabilitation Medicine, The University of Sydney, Kolling Institute of Medical Research, Royal North Shore Hospital; Senior Staff Specialist, Hornsby Ku-ring-gai Hospital and Southern NSW Local Health District)

Ian is a consultant physician in rehabilitation medicine, with a special interest in disability following motor vehicle crashes, challenges in rehabilitation, and health and rehabilitation in older people. His research has had a positive impact on clinical care and policy relating to rehabilitation.

Professor Maria Crotty, Flinders University, Adelaide

(Professor of Rehabilitation, Rehabilitation and Aged Care, Flinders University; Director, Rehabilitation Flinders Medical Centre)

Maria is a rehabilitation physician and researcher who specialises in clinical trials in rehabilitation and aged care. Her research has provided evidence for new rehabilitation services and guidelines in different care settings.

Professor Tim Usherwood, The University of Sydney

(Professor of General Practice at the University of Sydney; Head of the Department of General Practice, Westmead Clinical School, University of Sydney)

Tim is a general practitioner and researcher with an interest in primary healthcare. His research focusses on access to care and interventions to improve outcomes in chronic disease in general practice.

Dr Nadine Andrew, Monash University, Melbourne

(Senior Research Fellow in the Department of Medicine, Peninsula Clinical School, Central Clinical School at Monash University, Monash University)

Nadine is a physiotherapist with experience in the community sector. Her research uses data to answer questions about best practice care and improving quality of life and longevity for stroke survivors.

Dr Kate Laver, Flinders University, Adelaide

(Post Doctoral Research Fellow, College of Medicine and Public Health Flinders University)

Kate is an occupational therapist, with experience in neurological rehabilitation. Her research focuses on non-drug-based therapies, including innovative technologies. Along with Natasha Lannin and Lindy Clemson, Kate will train occupational therapists to conduct this trial.

Professor Avril Drummond, University of Nottingham, UK

(Professor of Healthcare Research and Director of Research in the School of Health Sciences, Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences, University of Nottingham)

Avril is an occupational therapist specialising in stroke rehabilitation. She has conducted trials and service evaluations of stroke units, occupational therapy pre-discharge home visits, plus prevention and management of falls.

Associate Professor Mandy Stanley, Edith Cowan University, Western Australia

(Associate Professor of Occupational Therapy in the School of Medical and Health Sciences, Edith Cowan University)

Mandy is an occupational therapist and researcher. Her research focuses on wellbeing and engagement in everyday activities for older people and people living with a disability. Mandy will lead the qualitative research alongside the HOME Rehab Trial to better understand the experience of participating for patients, their families, and occupational therapists.

Professor Leonid Churilov, The Florey Institute of Neuroscience and Mental Health, Melbourne

(Head of Statistics and Decision Analysis Research Platform, The Florey; Adjunct Professor at the School of Mathematics and Geospatial Sciences, RMIT University)

Leonid is an internationally recognised expert in using quantitative modelling in clinical and health care delivery systems, with specific focus on stroke and neurological care. He leads the statistical analyses for this trial.

Trial Coordinators

National Trial Coordinator – Serena Alves-Stein

National Trial Coordinator and Victorian Trial coordinator Serena is an occupational therapist with an interest in re-engagement in home and community activities after stroke and brain injury. She currently manages a number of NHMRC Trials, including the HOME Rehab Trial.

State Trial Coordinators